Equipment Supply for “Gazprom” JSC

“Corporation Uraltechnostroy” LLC continues effective cooperation with “Gazprom” JSC in terms of the Underground gas storage facility (UGSF) reconstruction program realization. Complete integrated package shipment to Ryazanskaya District started from “Corporation Uraltechnostroy” LLC production sites in Ufa and Tuimazi cities. “Corporation Uraltechnostroy” LLC is currently launching a new wide-scale project of large stores of equipment supply for “UGSF Moscow technical re-equipping”. In terms of this program the Company will manufacture 22 items of gas-field equipment as of pump, reinforcement units, vessels packages together with sales gas heating units packages and methanol regeneration unit packages. Furthermore Furnace Unit packages manufacturing for “Volgogradskoye UGSF in rock salt sedimentation” is being launched, as well as manufacturing of equipment for “Stepanovskoye UGSF gas-field facilities reconstruction program”.
You can see a picture of furnace unit complex manufactured by “Corporation Uraltechnostroy” LLC at Kirinskoye gas condensate field, Sakhalin island.

Photo is taken from the “Gazprom JSC” official site 

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