GTU for French Company CHAUMECA

With satisfaction we mark a successful conclusion of the pilot project on manufacturing of Gas Treatment Unit contractually with the French enterprise Chaumeca, signed in May, 2012.
From the production site of Corporation Uraltekhnostroy in Ufa equipment shipment was made to atyrausky oil refinery (Republic of Kazakhstan). The manufactured equipment will function being a part of complex of the aromatic hydrocarbons and the reconstruction at atyrausky oil refinery is currently completed by Chinese engineering company Sinopec.
Within the concluded contract the Chaumeca enterprise fulfilled  installation project, and also carried out the delivery parts of necessary materials and component products on a give-and-take basis.
On the production site of JSC Uraltekhnostroy-Tuymazykhimmash the vessels were made working under pressure. Completed installation assembly, functional tests, factory acceptance, installation packaging were made according to the international standards and shipment in the presence of representatives of Chaumeca, Sinopec and Atyrausky oil refinery in Ufa.
The professional and responsible approach to fulfillment of contractual obligations in the face of a high production culture promoted a favorable project completion.

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