Water treatment


Water treatment

Corporation Uraltechnostroy specializes in design and manufacturing of high-tech equipment and maintenance of water and wastewater treatment units. We offer ready-to-operate optimized process systems of low initial and exploitation cost.


  • Lower environmental risks of hydrologic system pollution
  • Water treatment systems in areas of oil production and treatment
  • Potable water quality improvement
  • Complete cease of untreated sewage water discharge into water bodies.
  • Sewage water treatment achieving regulation values in compliance with maximum allowable concentration of pollutants.

Company’s concept

  • Conscientious approach to quality of manufactured products.
  • Manufacturing of ready-to-operate equipment
  • Rigorous fulfillment of delivery dates engagements
  • Innovative approach applying water and energy saving technologies in water treatment.
  • Compulsive technical and technological support of supplied equipment
  • Introduction of genuine western technologies

Area of performance

  • Oil and gas field
  • Municipal waste waters
  • Industrial waste waters
  • Potable water

Water treatment equipment is applied by:

  • oil production plants and oil refineries
  • companies involved in public water supply
  • hotels
  • food commodity manufacturers: liqueurs and spirits factories, brew-house, dairy farms, live farming and others.