25 year of work –we have something to tell

25 year of work –we have something to tell

The 25th anniversary gave the idea for the exposition presented by Corporation Uraltechnostroy in XXVII International exhibition «Gas.Oil. Technologies-2019» within the frame of the Russian oil gas and chemical forum.

This notable event offered an opportunity to tell about main development stages in a quarter century operating history. Corporation Uraltechnostroy lives, looking for solution ways in the matter of import substitution, works towards a result.

On the day of the exhibition opening the official delegation headed by Radiy Khabirov, acting as a Leader of the Republic of Bashkortostan, was greeted by Oleg Aminov the president of the corporation. He gave a brief introduction on the operation of our team, designing new equipment highly demanded by oil companies of our country as well as in FSU and beyond. Radiy Khabirov in his turn noticed contribution of Uraltechnostroy in social and economic development of Bashkortostan Republic.

Exhibition stand of the corporation became one of the most visited displays. Specialists professional work allowed successfully meet the challenge and to present dynamics of the company development, to show the process of improvement of manufacturing process, to introduce innovations.

At one of the exhibition sites the corporation demonstrated an x-ray multiphase flowmeter Ural-MR, developed by the company’s specialists. Flowmeter allows performing measurements at oil and gas condensate well sites. High accuracy of metering, usage of patented inventions, avoidance of abroad suppliers these are advantages which attracted attention of exhibition visitors and of parties concerned.

The «25-year anniversary of Corporation Uraltechnostroy» roundtable gathered speakers and experts of the industry, it solidified the impression that our region has a company with high productivity level, with diverse and competitive products.

Violetta Ovcharova the deputy chief engineer, chief technologist of Corporation Uraltechnostroy gave a speech on multipurpose mobile units manufactured for well products treatment at the stage of initiatory development and its efficiency rate.

Innovative solutions, production standards, extension of directions range, oriented towards quality of manufactured equipment all these form foundation of a good reputation for Uraltechnostroy.

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