New technologies

Major activity directions

Company is in constant scientific and technical search of new ideas and engineering designs in industrial, academic science, in the field of defense aiming to modify and apply dual-use technologies.

Company’s technological leadership is achieved by investments in scientific researches and experimental development.

1.1. Production of modular units for oil treatment from mercaptans and hydrogen sulfide is set up by collaboration of VNIIUS and «Corporation Uraltechnostroy» LLC with capacity of 1,6 mil.t./year. Modular unit for oil treatment from hydrogen sulfide and light mercaptans with capacity of 400(450), 1500 and up to 9000 tons a year is being currently designed. Company is ready for its customers.

1.2. Calculations and front-end engineering were accomplished for the unit of liquid-gas mixture transfer with gas and (or) liquid compressing at the outlet.

Unit is moderate sized and has plenty application options:

- transfer of pressurized liquid-gas mixture;

- gas transfer with pressure build-up;

- liquid-gas mixture transfer with pressure build-up in partially closed cycle;

- with excess at inlet of pressure liquid-gas mixture and separation of liquid from gas. Ready-to-operate systems are ready for collaboration in modification and investment of pilot-plant equipment.

1.6. Project of horizontal decanter was designed with unit of fine grained water separation from oil products and mechanical impurities. Decanter separation of oil, gas and water consists of 3 steps, it includes additional units of fine water filtering with settling chamber and water outlet nozzle with vortex breaker, caught oil collecting chamber and its discharge from the decanter for further treatment. Flanged nozzles are foreseen in lower part of the unit serving to discharge mechanical impurities without interruption of decanter operation. Liquid gas mixture injection may be performed by means of inline centrifugal separators, cyclones or multistage cyclones (at the customer’s request). Decanter capacity is ОГ-200m3 is increased by 2 to 4 times with simultaneous treatment quality improvement. Project is currently at drawings detailed design stage, patent and technical documentation acquisition in order to perform production tests, ready for projects and Customers.

2.1. Moderate size units for preparation of hydrocarbon gases for flaring inside boilers, turbo-power units, flare pilot-burners and other processing facilities (for own needs). Capacity is defined by the customer. Treatment quality is regulated by specification technical requirements made by consumer. Pressure differential required for treating process depends on inlet gas quality and varies within 0,03…0,15 MPa. In case of hydrogen sulphide and mercaptants are present in gas, a more complicated equipment is required using chemicals and vortex pipes. By all means unit is designed and reviewed under Customers control considering determined conditions of gas consumer. Activity is at introduction phase and is awaiting for Customers.

2.5. Company manufacture Gas treatment units (GTU) based on low temperature separation using vortex pipe, gas heaters, condensate catching with further discharge into drain tanks – condensate collectors with methanol facility, automation system and gas metering. Treatment quality comply with fuel gas GOST. Unit was installed at one of the gas field in Bashkortostan.

2.7. Flare units UFA(“УФА”) are designed and applied for gas flaring of low and (or) high pressure in normal or emergency mode. Units are equipped with automated ignition system and flame control. Flaring is performed in ecologically clean mode, with wide range of production, with high content of liquid phase (up to 40% of the mass). Flare tips type range was created: «ФОИС» from 5000 nm3/day up to 450000 nm3/day in case of pressure difference of 0,05 MPa. – «ФОК-С» from 500 up to 9 mil.nm3/day in case of pressure difference of 0,004 MPа. Construction application permission was acquired. Constructions are certified according to GOST-R.

3.1. Water treatment. Technology on water treatment was developed aimed for final treatment of formation, associated, wastewater and artesian water from mechanical impurities of oil products and other pollutants. Technology is based on combined application of flotation and filtration devices with different working agents, defined individually according to Customers data.

Quality parameters:

- as per oil products – up to 5 mg/L;

- as per mechanical impurities – up to 5 microns.

Technology includes certified water blocking absorbent with high sorption properties.

3.4. Technical projects are prepared for a range of mobile water treatment units in vehicle and shipboard-type options with treatment capacity from 2 to 20t/hour according to fishery requirements.