Pumping station unit

Modules structure

The modular shelters represents a frame constructed with a welded closed steel profile, encased by three-layer sandwich panels with non-flammable heating material. Shelter unit base is a welded metal framing made of steel hot-rolled profile. Framing is covered with sheet metal and basalt heat-insulating material.

Modular shelters structure provides a possibility to transport it by railway, water and motor transport.


Combined lighting system. Outside lighting is foreseen at front doors.

Heating and ventilation

Unit’s heating is of hot water and electrical types depending on customer’s request. Temperature inside the unit is not lower than plus 5 °С.

Combined suction-and-exhaust ventilation system of the mechanical and naturally driven type. System type is selected based on pumping station service.

Fire safety

An automatic fire alarm system is designed for the unit, it encompasses: heat detectors, manual fire alarm installed at the entrance of a pumping station, sound-and-light luminaire “Fire” etc.


Instrumentation is installed on pipelines and on separate racks inside pumping unit. Detectors’ cables are laid in trays and directed to junction boxes located on the inside of pumping units.

Apparatus maintenance

Drawout-mounted device and lifting mechanism are designed for pumping unit, they serve to relocate equipment to service platform in case of repair necessity.