Artesian well modular pumping station


Artesian well modular pumping station serves to pump water from artesian well and supply it to consumers in order to provide production sites or enterprises of different purposes with potable and process water.

Components composition

Well pump with control station, mud trap filter, meter, valves unit. Unit’s roof is designed with a covered opening with dimensions of1500х1500 mm for mounting and demounting activity for well pump and pressure pipeline, it is as well designed with a service platform for safe mounting works. Shelter-modules are equipped with lifting devices (hoist), electrical or hot-water heating system, lighting system, ventilation, gas accumulation control and fire alarm sensors.

Pump units can be additionally equipped with control devices and alarm system at the customer’s requirement.

Manufacturing of Artesian well modular pumping station complies with OST 26.260.18-2004 “Modules for gas and oil industry. General technical requirements”.

Technical specification

Building’s explosion and fire hazard according to Fire Regulations 105-03


Fire resistance level, acc. to SNiP 21-01-97


Temperature inside the unit, °С, not lower


Ambient temperature, °С

-50 …+50

Shelter-module dimensions, mm

- length


- width


- height