Water transfer pumping station


Water transfer pumping station may serve a booster pumping station, internal transfer pumping station and treated water pumping station for Modular Group Pumping station in field gathering system and oil-water treatment units.

Components composition

Modular water transfer pumping stations are completed with water transfer pumping units; filters; piping and cabling; shutoff and control valves; instrumentation means; hand hoist; carriage-type devices; service platforms; shelter-module equipped with electrical and hot-water heating systems, ventilation, lighting, alarm system, drain. Modular water transfer pumping station can be located inside shelter-module or on an open frame, it can be manufactured in different structural execution and composition depending on customer’s and design engineer's requirements.

At the customer’s requirement pumping units can be additionally completed with control system devices and alerting system. Chamber of water transfer inside pumping station is composed of modules with the following dimensions: 3000х6000х2950 mm, 3000х9000х2950 mm, 3000х12000х2950 mm equipped and connected depending on customer’s and design engineer's requirements.

Modular water transfer pumping stations comply with OST 26.260.18-2004 “Modules for gas and oil industry. General technical requirements”, ТУ 3660-024-45211680-2009 “Modular pumping stations. Specifications” and other relevant regulations.

Technical specifications of commonly used pumping stations

Operating medium

formation, bottom and fresh water

Production rate, m3 /h


Head, m, not more than


Ambient temperature, °С

- 50…+50

Temperature inside the module, °С, not lower than


Fire resistance level, acc. to SNiP 21-01-97


Building’s explosion and fire hazard acc.to Fire Regulations 105-03


Composition option

Pumping station of water transfer with pumps ЦНСА 105-98