Modular packaged gas-field equipment

Modular packaged gas-field equipment
«Corporation Uraltechnostroy» LLC and «Uraltechnostroy-Tuimazykhimmash» JSC manufacture process equipment in modular-packaged execution. Delivered equipment requires minimum assembly at site, provided with piping, shutoff and control valves, instrumentation primary equipment and service platforms. Fit-up and hydraulic tests are performed in a workshop which allows to reduce start-up period of the entire project.
Manufacturing capabilities of plants allows to produce tanks of various purpose with volume up to 200 m3, non-pressure or pressure-operated up to 160 atm, with wall thickness up to 90 mm. Equipment currently available in the workshop manufactures units with wall thickness up to 120 mm.

Fuel gas treatment unit


Fuel gas treatment modular units (FGTU) are purposed to treat gas from condensed moisture, mechanical impurities, gas condensate by reducing it and serve outlet pressure maintenance at the indicated level. 

Application field

• treatment of gas and condensate according to existing standards purposed for its subsequent transfer;
• fuel gas adjusting to utilize it as a motor fuel in gas-engine and gas-turbine generating stations as well as at thermal power station;
• fuel gas preparation for application as a motor fuel in a drive of gas-compressor units.
Structure and operation principle
Depending on determined conditions gas preparation may be realized in several ways: 
• separation and filtration of low pressure gas;
• low temperature gas separation;
• low temperature gas separation applying vortex tube;
• combination of the above-mentioned methods.

Technical specification

Scope of supplied components

In addition to main process equipment, in case of necessity gas treatment units may be completed with the following equipment:
• gas condensate stabilization unit;
• gas heating system at unit’s outlet;
• real-time gas metering unit;
• hydrate inhibitor supply and gas odorizing units;
• flare system;
• drain system;
• industrial wastewater combustion unit;
• automated filling system;
• control room;
• other equipment at the customer’s requirement.


Gas and condensate treatment units are mounted from modules at construction site or composed of ready-to-operate modules which allows preserving production quality, reduce construction period and to significantly lower capital and running costs.