Gas measuring unit

Gas measuring unit (GMU) is a metering and parameters system of natural gas, associated gas and multi-component gas mixture.


Gas quality and parameters measuring system serves automated (operational or commercial) measuring of natural or non-associated gas. These data are provided to a purchaser or serve to keep in-house records.
GMU project basis meet customer’s requirements, regulations as per gas and its products metering, technological parameters of GMU, operating medium characteristics, operation medium conditions.
Before unit project works are launched customer fills in a data sheet where main requirements are listed. Based on it, process flow diagram, component-modules composition, their dimensions, equipment composition and other characteristics will be elaborated. Functional modules may be installed on an open frame or inside a shelter-block (in block-box).

GMU serves

• automatic measuring of quantity of operating medium passed through tracking system based on dynamic method with required precision;
• automatic identification of quantitative parameters as well as quality parameters, including content;
• automatic control and regulation of unit’s process flow.

Components composition

GMU are manufactured based on the following flow transducers:
• restriction orifices
• ultrasonic
• vortex
• mass flow
• thermo-mass flow 

 GMU includes:

Filters unit, separating medium from mechanical impurities.
Metering lines unit for flow transducers installation, as well as pressure and temperature control and if necessary flow rate and pressure regulators.
Quality parameters metering unit serving for physical and chemical medium characteristics measuring: pressure, humidity content, composition, pressure, temperature, hydro-carbon and water dew point analyzer, sulphur-containing compound analyzer based on chromatograph, automated and manual samplers may also be intensified.
System of information processing and local control system to ensure automated fulfillment of the following functions: collecting, processing, displaying, record of the information on gas measuring and its functional parameters control, it also assures safe equipment operation.

Information processing system

Information processing system (IPS) calculates flow rate converted to standard conditions, protection, acquired data archiving, information transfer to upper level, reports preparation and printout.
IPS is formed with certified flow computers – inline controllers.

Local control system
Local control system (LCS) performs required measuring to control correct operation of equipment unit, shut off valves and their status control, alarm signals processing and fixation, data transfer to upper level.
LCS are based on programmable logic controller.

Information processing system and local control system together include the following means:

1) Control cabinet equipped with:
• inline controller;
• programmable logic controller;
• uninterruptable power system with batteries;
• automatic circuit breaker switchers, drive, intrinsically safe barrier etc;
2) Operator’s Automated working station, which includes: computer, display, printer.
Metering units are completed with equipment from the leading international and domestic producers. Equipment design and manufacturing is in strict compliance with all the technical regulations.
Corporation sources allow to manufacture and complete equipment meeting customer’s requirements to the full.