Metering and regulating unit

Flow metering devices and pressure level regulators for oil, gas and water, and if required gas separator are installed in heated shelter-block.

Components composition

Metering and regulating unit (MRU) is located in shelter-block with normal and emergency lighting systems; heating (electrical or hot water heating depending on the customer’s requirement); emergency exhaust ventilation; fire alarm; metering devices (pressure maintenance regulators inside process tanks for OTU; directional gas flow metering devices); gas separator (installed at the customer’s requirement); pipelines with shutoff and control valves; drain lines; internal cabling.
At the customer’s request equipment (such as indicators, shutoff valves, control valves) of Russian or imported production may be installed inside MRU.
Metering and regulating unit premise is composed of modules with the following dimensions: 3000х6000х2950 mm, 3000х9000х2950 mm equipped and connected depending on customer’s and design engineer requirements.
Metering and regulating unit (MRU) comply with ОСТ 26.260.18-2004 «Process modules for oil and gas industry. General technical requirements» и ОСТ 26-291-94 «Welded steel vessels and apparatus. General specifications».

Technical specification