Administration unit


Residential (living quarter, administration) compounds are purposed to accommodate personnel working at oil treatment units in locations difficult to access or of remote production.

Components composition

Residential compound represents a heated module of panel and frame structure, equipped with electrical power supply, ventilation, water supply, sewage, communication, heating and air conditioning systems (if it is required).

Compound premises are composed of modules with the following dimensions: 3000х6000х2950 mm, 3000х9000х2950 mm, 3000х12000х2950 mm equipped and connected depending on customer’s and design engineer requirements.

Compounds are furnished with household and office furniture, including appliances for cafeteria, kitchen, dryer, sauna etc.

Unit’s total area, layout, components composition and internal finishing may be changed.

Residential (living quarter, administration) compounds comply with ОСТ 26.260.18-2004 «Process modules for oil and gas industry. General technical requirements».

Manufactured according to ТУ 3683-007-45211680-06.

Technical specifications

Temperature inside the unit, °C, not lower than


Ambient temperature, °С

-50 …+50

Fire and explosion hazard category of the building НПБ 105-03


Fire resistance category SNiP 21-01-97


Standard module’s dimensions, mm




Module for personnel working in shifts 3х9 m (composition example I)

Module for personnel working in shifts 3х9 m (composition example II)