A cartridge filter (CF) is developed to treat water from mechanical impurities. Filters may be installed at the inlet of Modular Group Pumping Station for the consequent water feed to oil formation or their application as a part of treatment unit for formation, fresh and «cenomanian» water.

Filters capacity, m³/h – 90, 180, 300;

Filtration rating, mym – 50-100;

рН range – 1-14;

Maximum pressure deviation of liquid directed to filtration – 0,4 MPа at 40ºС;

Maximum concentration of mechanical impurities:

- at the inlet, mg/l, not more than - 1000;

- at the outlet, mg/l - 20 – 50;

Operating pressure, MPa - 1,6; 4,0.

It is recommended to perform regeneration by means of blowback.