Low-voltage package module


Low-voltage package module LVPM (MCC) is purposed to store power distribution boards and electrical pump control stations and shutoff regulating valves.

Components composition

LVMP premise represents a heated module of panel and frames structure, equipped with electrical power supply, ventilation and heating systems.

LVMP premise is composed of modules with the following dimensions: 3000х6000х2950 mm, 3000х9000х2950 mm, 3000х12000х2950 mm equipped and connected depending on customer’s and design engineer requirements.

LVMP is completed with a set of equipment and instruments at the customer’s requirement.

LVMP cabinets are installed inside the module according to individual project.

LVMP manufacturing complies with ОСТ 26.260.18-2004 «Process modules for oil and gas industry. General technical requirements».

Technical specifications

Temperature inside the unit, °C, not lower than


Ambient temperature, °С

-50 …+50

Fire and explosion hazard category of the building acc.to НПБ 105-03


Fire resistance category acc.to SNiP 21-01-97


Module’s dimensions, mm



LVMP 3х12 m (composition example)