Testing of a multiphase flow meter

Testing of a multiphase flow meter

Within the framework of the programme of new equipment and production processes development and implementation, our company designed a multiphase flow meter “Ural-MR”. It is purposed to measure multiphase oil and gas flow rates without the use of processing separation units.

For the first half of July 2020 tests of the flow meter were performed at FGUP VNIIMS (Federal State University Enterprise of All-Russian Research Institute of Metrological Service) branch in the city of Kazan which consistently followed academic and research works of flow meter development occurred in the previous three years. The report of successful accomplishment of comparison test for compliance with State standard was received on the 20th of July 2020.

The proceeding stage of the work is the completion of OPI (pilot testing) under conditions of the existing field. For this purpose a special version of a mobile multiphase flow meter “Ural-MR” is being prepared based on KAMAZ off-road chassis.

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